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Stilla Technologies is a Paris-based European Biotechnology company that focuses on accelerating the development of next-generation genetic tests by providing a ground-breaking and flexible digital PCR (or Polymerase Chain Reaction) solution: the Naica™ System.

Taking advantage of cutting-edge microfluidic innovations, Stilla aims to make dPCR a lab commodity in all Life Sciences areas: research, therapeutics, and all the “omics”. 
The Crystal digital PCR™ technology can be applied to: oncology, infectious diseases, food and GMO testing, environmental testing, gene editing and epigenetics, neurobiology, etc. 

Stilla advises and supports its customers worldwide through its dynamic and multidisciplinary R&D team, with expertise spanning microfluidics, chemistry, molecular biology and computer science. Stilla is continuously looking to innovate with the Naica™ System and is working on the 2nd generation of the platform to further increase the multiplexing capability and throughput of the system.

Go to this page to discover the history of digital Polymerase Chain Reaction and understand better what Stilla offers.

About the founders/CEO:

Remi Dangla is the CEO, co-founder and inventor of technology of Stilla Technologies.

He has been named in the Top 10 Biotech entrepreneur under 30 in 2016 by Labiotech.eu, as well as a Top 10 French Innovator Under 35 by MIT Technological Review in 2014. He co founded Stilla Technologies in 2013 to build a disruptive digital PCR solution, using the microfluidic technologies he helped establish. He started his career in 2009 at the laboratory LadHyx of Ecole Polytechnique, exploring new approaches in droplet microfluidics for easy integration into innovative commercial products.
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