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StuDocu was founded in 2013 by four students to exchange study documents with each other and together strive for better grades. Since then, millions of study documents have been shared by students and are accessible to everyone in the world. As of May 2021, there are almost 15 million students using StuDocu to access high-quality materials every month. Not only to view or download the best study materials but also to practice thousands of subjects at their fingertips. StuDocu’s mission is to empower everyone to excel in their studies by providing the best tools to students who want to study more efficiently.

About the founders/CEO:

StuDocu was founded by four alumni of Delft University of Technology: Marnix Broer, Lucas van der Houten, Sander Kuijk and Jacques Huppes. 

Marnix Broer, CEO & Co-Founder, holds an MSc in Offshore Engineering. Over the past 10 years, Marnix has grown StuDocu from a Dutch sharing platform to a global student community that helps students excel in their studies and life. Marnix is also Founder of Platform Elektrisch Vervoer (PEV), the Dutch platform for electric transportation on the internet, and Co-Founder of TentamenTrainingen.nl, the company which helps university students in The Netherlands prepare for their exams. 

Lucas van den Houten, Co-Founder and CTO, has known Marnix since childhood! He holds an MSc in Mechanical Engineering. After university, he Co-Founded a webdesign company with Sander Kujik, Co-Founder and VP Technology. After their collective experience in website development, Marnix called upon Lucas and Sander to build the very first version of StuDocu, after which they grew into the roles of CTO and VP Technology respectively. 

Jacques Huppes, Co-Founder, no longer plays an active role in StuDocu but remains an advisor. He is Co-Founder of BRGHT.com, the candidate aptitude insights platform. 

Sander Kuijk is co-founder and VP Technology of StuDocu, bringing cutting edge technology into the conservative education space. 

Rasmus Wolff is Chief Development Officer at StuDocu. He first joined as an investor in 2017 and since became part of the management team in a part-time role as CDO. He is an ex-exec at Just Eat & GetYourGuide and works as a board-member in a number of smaller digital marketplaces in NL and beyond. 

Reynald Fasciaux is Chief Operating Officer of StuDocu. He joined the team in 2019. Besides working for StuDocu, Reynald also runs a family-owned Cannabidiol business. Prior to joining the team, Reynald worked at Uber, where he launched and managed 10 cities in Europe, Amazon and Oliver Wyman.

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