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Symmetrical.ai is building a single global solution that will enable everyone to hire and pay anyone in the world in just a few API calls within an entirely seamless process. In pursuing this vision, the company strives to eliminate borders for employment, time constraints on getting paid and reduce the complexity of payroll across the board.

Symmetrical.ai offers tailored payroll outsourcing services backed with a human-face team and powered by technology that assist on each step of the payroll process. With free-to-use HR tools like HRIS or integrations with existing in-house HR tools Symmetrical helps dodge manual processes and spreadsheets. The benefits reach out not only to compliance, security and cost optimization but also tech-enabled full payroll process control and HR experience. Employees, in turn, are equipped with a self-service app. Digital - just like the language the fast-growing startups speak. Human - whenever support is needed. 

About the founders/CEO:

Symmetrical was founded by Piotr Smolen, Daniel Wartolowski and Maciej Noga.

Piotr Smolen is a serial entrepreneur and financial inclusion advocate. He sold his previous fintech firm, Turbine Analytics (analytics SaaS for financial institutions), to a PE fund.

Daniel Wartolowski was previously CTO in global gaming marketplace G2A supervising 230 employees. Prior to this, he spent 5 years in BCG, delivering projects for the banking sector.

Maciej Noga is the Co-Founder of Pracuj.pl, the most successful HR business in the CEE region financed by TCV & Tiger Global.
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