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TestGorilla provides a highly accurate screening experience to identify your most qualified candidates without bias or stress. Launched in 2020, TestGorilla's robust test library and testing platform help businesses around the world make hires based on data instead of subjective judgments. As of July 2021, 1,500 organizations—including the NHS, Sony, PepsiCo, and Bain & Company—have replaced resume evaluation with TestGorilla's scientific approach to candidate screening. 


The platform's evidence-based methods for test development and delivery give your hiring team a reliable measurement of each candidates' practical job skills, cultural alignment, and motivation. This reliability is the result of rigorous test development and optimization processes. 


About the founders/CEO:

Wouter Durville, CEO and co-founder of TestGorilla, has been an entrepreneur for most of his life. Before co-founding TestGorilla in 2019, Wouter founded or cofounded 5 different ventures. Between startups, he spent a year at Heineken and over 5 years as a Consultant at Bain & Company to further develop his entrepreneurial skillset.   


Otto Verhage, COO and co-founder, spent over 13 years at Bain and Company, in which he gained extensive experience as a consultant, manager, and partner. He remains an advisory partner at Bain is an angel investor in various startups in Amsterdam.  

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