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TheGuarantors is an insurtech company that offers a full risk management platform, which helps landlords mitigate all tenant risks. The software platform, which is free for landlords, increases leasing velocity, drives down vacancy, and makes renting safer for landlords and tenants alike.

TheGuarantors platform is accepted in around 200,000 units and has been adopted by some of the leading landlords and property managers in the U.S. The Guarantors started in New York in 2015 but have now expanded into Boston, Chicago, and the DC area.

In 2018, TheGuarantors expanded their offering into the commercial office rental space with Securiti, a security deposit replacement tool. For just a fraction of the cost, tenants can deliver a security package to their landlord without locking up their capital for years to come.

About the founders/CEO:

Julien Bonneville is Founder and CEO at TheGuarantors. Before founding it, he worked as a consultant at IMS Health for 2 years. He was also a Founding Partner of Sanisphere, a consulting and market data firm providng health and pharmaceutical intelligence in developing countries. He studied at ESSEC Business School before going on to do an MBA at Columbia Buisness School.

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