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Tinvio is a B2B transactions platform that helps merchants manage orders, invoices, and payments with suppliers via a chat-led interface.

Tinvio is built around the idea that every merchant and supplier should be able to work smarter together. Through clean design, agile engineering, and genuine support, we unlock capabilities that make them more productive and profitable. The core product is a B2B transactions platform that helps small-medium merchants and suppliers manage orders, invoices, and payments through a chat-led user interface.

Since 2021, Tinvio has been primarily focused on their Fintech stack: designing, developing, and launching B2B Payments and Credit user experiences for merchant– supplier transactions across multiple countries in APAC. As this is done from scratch, they have complete responsibility for localizing the product in each market: developing the backend, the front-end, the data science infrastructure, the network integrations, and then creating a local setup in each country with varying go-to-market strategies.

Today most merchants and suppliers in F&B, FMCG, health, and other traditional supply chains still manage orders over fax, email, or WhatsApp. Meanwhile, payment transactions between these businesses are exchanged in cash, paper checks, or overdue bank transfers. This antiquated behaviour makes it incredibly tedious for businesses to have oversight or control over cash flows. This also makes invoice financing and short- term lending inaccessible.

Tinvio’s frictionless chat-to-transact experience enables merchants to send orders and payments to suppliers in just a few taps. The platform also speeds up reconciliations, reduces late payment costs, and unlocks financing options for these businesses. Tinvio is currently available in multiple cities and languages in the Asia-Pacific region. Tinvio was founded in late 2019 in Singapore, by Ajay Gopal. Proper to launching Tinvio, Ajay worked with Rocket Internet in Berlin. Before that, he was a Fintech Investment Banker in Credit Suisse in London, and had held product ownership in Silicon Valley. He also co-founded a startup that was acquired while in university.

About the founders/CEO:

Tinvio was founded in Singapore in July 2019 by Ajay Gopal. Prior to launching Tinvio, Ajay worked with Rocket Internet in Berlin. Before that, he was a fintech investment banker at Credit Suisse in London, and held product ownership in a Silicon Valley startup. He also co-founded a startup that was acqui-hired while in university.
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