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With the mission to resolve the inconveniences in Korean finance, Toss designs services that are simple, logical and intuitive to use, without compromising security. It is the world’s fastest growing fintech service, delivering consumer finance on mobile devices like it should be: simple and frictionless. Toss provides a B2C service used for borrowing and repaying funds, splitting the bill at restaurants, online purchases and paying bills in Korea.

Toss allows access to the easiest and most convenient P2P money transfer experience, as well as branded e-payments, a comprehensive financial dashboard, free credit score management, a savings account and allows for the user to invest in funds and real estate.

The Toss team of over 200 people are some of the best in their respective fields. Putting seamless user experience as their top priority, Toss team members work under the core values of trust, freedom and responsibility.

About the founders/CEO:

Seung-Gun Lee is the founder and CEO of VivaRepublica, the company that launched the app called "Toss". A former dentist, he founded the company in 2013 because he was frustrated with how archaic web and mobile banking was in Korea and decided to change it himself.

He teamed up with Jooyang Jan, who is now the COO, and Hyungseok Lee, who is now the CTO; they both founded Tic Toc, a 10 million-user messaging app for Korea. The team is also formed by Younje Cho, the CFO, who is a former lead strategy consultant, and Youngseok Shin, who used to be part of the security team at the Blue House (Korea's White House) and who is now the head of security.

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