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Ukio is disrupting the residential real estate market by providing furnished and serviced apartments for stays of one month or more in Barcelona, Madrid, Lisbon, and Berlin.

In Japanese, the name Ukio translates roughly to “living in the moment”, and this is certainly what the company allows you to do. Removing all the hassle of security deposits and broker fees as well as the scarcity landlords willing to sign short-term contracts, Ukio offers a network of fully-furnished turnkey apartments in Europe’s most desirable cities to allow people to live where and when they want.

With a tech-forward approach, Ukio has created a totally digital experience to simplify the moving-in process and be present throughout your entire stay. The company takes on long term leases for each apartment they rent out, which allows them to guarantee quality and consistency with each user experience. 

With virtual or in-person viewings, as well as 24/7 concierge service and optional addons (such as gym memberships, cleaning services or grocery delivery), their apartments are transparently priced, powered by renewable energy, and furnished by eco-friendly suppliers.

About the founders/CEO:

Ukio was founded in 2020 by American brothers Jeremy and Stanley Fourteau. They know a thing or two about real estate, as by the age of 30, they had lived in 15 different cities between them.  

Having completed his studies at Columbia Business School in the US, Jeremy Fourteau has worked as Director of Product for companies such as EA and Headspace. He came onto the real estate scene in 2018 working as Director of Product for Knotel and used this experience to found Ukio just two years later. 

Stanley Forteau completed a BA in Economics at Stanford University, and subsequently an MBA at Columbia Business School in Entrepreneurship and Management. He worked his way up the ranks of real estate giant Airbnb, from General Manager of Brazil, to Regional Director of Latin America, to Head of Global Growth.
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