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Upvest is a fintech startup that empowers other fintechs to provide their customers with seamless, reliable and secure access to the full range of investment opportunities. To achieve that, they have developed an investment API that can be scaled flexibly and modularly. This allows clients to offer their customers the best experience in the field of capital market investment and retirement planning, save resources and fully concentrate on their core business. Upvest is one of the few providers in Europe today that holds licences in the areas of financial commission business, proprietary trading and custody business in the traditional securities area and has a custody licence for crypto. 

The company, founded in 2017, employs 90 people at its main hub in Berlin. Its team is composed of Fintech entrepreneurs from Transferwise, Klarna, Raisin, FactSet, Finleap, McKinsey, Goldman Sachs and UBS. 

About the founders/CEO:

Martin Kassing is the Founder and CEO of Upvest - the Fintech company that provides the first pan-European Investment API. He is a tech entrepreneur with a strong background and experience in finance. Before founding Upvest in 2017, he worked 5 years as an investor at Avedon Capital Partners, investing in software companies across Europe. The private equity fund successfully raised €300 million+ and was partially sold to Goldman Sachs.

Martin stepped out of this path to found his first Fintech. As COO he led ShopCo, a browser extension enabling checkout on any website with just one click. The business expanded from Germany to the US to disrupt the way individuals buy products online, and was later acquired by Klarna.

Shortly after joining Finleap as CPO, Martin saw an opportunity to disrupt the financial market by enabling any business to offer great investment experiences and making investing as easy as spending money - thus, Upvest was born. With over 15 years of experience in Fintech and capital markets, Martin is now leading and shaping Upvest’s strategy and vision.

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