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V7 is used by hundreds of AI companies to build AI products faster, through a game-changing training data workflow engine workflow engine. Their platform speeds up the creation of high-quality training data by 10-100x and allows up to 3x faster AI product release cycles. V7 accomplishes this by unifying a company’s models, datasets, and ML talent under one platform and giving users the ability to build automated image and video data pipelines combining AI models and humans working together to teach AI new concepts at scale. Their solution is used in healthcare, life sciences, manufacturing, autonomous driving, and agri-tech, supporting clients like Merck, GE Healthcare, MIT, and Genentech. In December 2020, V7 announced a $3 Million Seed round led by Amadeus Capital Partners, joined by Partech, Air Street Capital, and Miele Ventures. In 2022 they announced a $33 Million Series-A Co-led by Radical Ventures and Temasek.

About the founders/CEO:

Alberto Rizzoli founded his first startup at age 19 becoming MakerFaire’s 20under20. In 2015 Simon Edwardsson and Alberto founded Aipoly: the first engine capable of running large deep neural networks on smartphones, leading to the creation of an app enabling the blind identify 5,000 objects through their phone camera used over 3 billion times. Simon was previously a Lead R&D at RSI and graduate in computer science from Chalmers and Tokyo Institute of Technology. Simon began programming at age 6, and wrote his first operating system at 13. His first independent venture was at 19, writing the first Tower Defense game on the App Store for the original iPhone. The founders’ work in AI granted them an award and personal audience by Italian President Sergio Mattarella, as well as Italy’s Premio Gentile for Science and Innovation. The founders also won the CES Best of Innovation consecutively in 2017 and 2018. They live in London. Simon has two children, Oscar and Alexandra.

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