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Vyne uses open banking to power account-to-account payments for online businesses, setting the course for the future of payments.  

Customers pay directly from their bank account and payments are completed in seconds, bypassing expensive and slow traditional methods. 

Founded by true payments practitioners, Vyne’s innovative technology and solutions bring together decades of combined industry experience to ensure direct, secure, faster payments. 

Vyne Technologies Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) as an Authorised Payment Institution. 

About the founders/CEO:

Vyne was founded in 2019 by Karl MacGregor, Damien Cahill, Adam Rowland and Nick Daniel. 

Karl MacGregor, CEO at Vyne, completed a BA in Politics and Political History at London Guildhall University. He then spent the next 25 years working his way up the ranks of, as well as founding, various payment and e-commerce companies. 

Damien Cahill, COO at Vyne, worked for 13 years in law enforcement and intelligence agencies before taking a career change and working for companies such as Amazon and Worldpay before founding Vyne in 2019. 

Adam Rowland, CTO at Vyne, is a Computer Science and French graduate of Staffordshire University. He has worked as a software developer in Nice for 4 years, as well spending 8 years at WorldPay, and 2 years at Masabi. 

Nick Daniel, Director of Business Development at Vyne, began his career working as a sales manager at Reuters. He is a sales professional with vast experience all around the globe, most recently working as Head of Commercial Engagement at VocaLink. 
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