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Walkie-Talkie is the world’s fastest growing social audio platform. 

Hosting audio rooms called ‘frequencies’, which can either be public or private, the app allows young people to tune in and chat with friends anytime, anywhere. While private frequencies can be used to have secure conversations with closer friends, public frequencies can be used to host conversations about different topics with users around the world.  

Founded by ex-Dolby core audio engineers, the app incorporates active noise suppression for crowded environments, spatial audio that separates overlapping voices and optimized device capture for clearer sound.  

In 2021 alone, the app garnered a huge 20 million downloads just using word of mouth over social media and as of November 2021 boasted 1.2 million active users. 

About the founders/CEO:

Walkie-Talkie was created by Picslo Corp, a company founded in 2018. 

Stephane Giraudie is CEO and Co-Founder. Prior to taking the helm at Picslo Corp, he was CEO of Voxeet, a company that allowed developers to integrate spatial audio into their apps, and that was later acquired by Dolby Laboratories. He subsequently led the launch of Dolby.io, a world-class API platform for integrating high-quality audio and video into user experiences. 

Valentin Martin is Co-Founder and CTO. Trained as an Engineer, specializing in IT, at EPITECH, he has put these skills to use as a Web Developer for multiple companies such as PandaGuru, Mangoo Games, Bejoe and Dolby.io. 

Corentin Larroque is Co-Founder and CPO. Also completing a degree in Computer Science at EPITECH, he is a master of iOS development – having worked for Ripplayed, Voxeet, and Dolby Laboratories before co-founding Walkie-Talkie. 
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