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Wallarm team
Wallarm is an innovative AI startup focused on security of websites, microservices and APIs running on public and private clouds. Wallarm security platform automates application protection and security testing for hundreds of enterprises from SaaS startups to Fortune 500.

Wallarm is a new security platform to protect modern applications and APIs in microservices/agile environments. Its agents plug-in directly to a web server or load-balancer to provide real-time protection based on statistics and machine-learning. Wallarm continuously looks for application-specific security issues in customer applications and prevents their exploitation by the attackers. More than 60 companies already chose Wallarm including Automattic, Wargaming, Yandex, Workforce software.

The company has a team of 20 people and already profitable. It increased ARR from $600k to $1.2M during YC. Most of the revenue comes from enterprises which prefer 1-2 year contracts.

About the founders/CEO:

At Wallarm, they are the team of whitehat hackers. Can hack, know how to protect.

Ivan Novikov and Stepan Ilyin cofounded Wallarm in 2013. The company has already helped hundreds of SaaS and Fortune500 companies discover and fix critical vulnerabilities, automate web application and API runtime protection and prioritize security risks. 

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