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Worders provides access to best-in-class translators, the highest level of quality assurance, and first-rate customer service via Slack, Trello, email, phone, etc. The company offers high-quality translations that are more accurate than your standard translation software that is accessible online, and is therefore 100% trustworthy to clients. Dedicated account managers work hand-in-hand with these clients to guarantee accuracy and satisfaction. Smart platform technology ensures a smooth process between clients, customer support, and translators. No matter the industry, document type or language, Worders has a team of expert translators that work alongside the client to create a document that seems as though it was created by a native speaker in the first place.

Worders' translators work with major international companies such as Apple, Coca-Cola, Mondel├Ęz, Sanofi, and Goldman Sachs. They are not only native speakers but also specialists in just about any field you can name, including law, travel, health, software, marketing, and much more. The Worders team is international and multicultural, with a broad experience in the translation and linguistic industry. Benoit Laurent is the co-founder and CEO of Worders. Benoit has a range of experience, including being a serial entrepreneur and a glass blower.

About the founders/CEO:

Benoit Laurent is the Founder and CEO of Worders. He has founded several companies including TextMaster, a marketplace dedicated to entry-level translating and writing for SMEs whose bysiness is primarily online, and Media No Mad, a company which specialized in online tourism. He studied at Lycee Technique et Professionnel Dorien, where he graduated with an Artistic Bachelore in Glass Blowing.

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