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Xendit is a financial technology company that provides payment solutions that simplify the payment process for businesses in Indonesia and the Philippines, from SMEs, e-commerce startups to giant corporations.

Xendit provides a secure and easy-to-integrate payment system, supported by great customer service. With a diverse range of products, Xendit’s system can accept payments from virtual accounts, credit and debit cards, eWallets, retail outlets, and also online installments.

With the sharp aim in building Indonesia’s payment infrastructure, Xendit is on its way shaping the next generation of unicorns by empowering startups to grow exponentially through the products we offer.

As the first Indonesian startup to successfully graduate from the prestigious YCombinator incubator in Silicon Valley, Xendit continues to develop to be the best in Indonesia, the Philippines and Southeast Asia.

About the founders/CEO:

Xendit was founded by Moses Lo, Tessa Wijaya, Juan Gonzalez and Bo Chen.

Moses Lo has an impressive career history. Upon graduating from Berkeley, Moses worked as an analyst for Deloitte Australia, before working in the same position for NSW Department of Finance & Services. He then went on to work for 2 years at The Boston Consulting Group, working at first as an Associate, and then promoted to Senior Associate. Moses clearly has always had an entrepreneurial passion, as he founded two companies prior to Xendit: Barker Bespoke and Skinnytie. Both companies sell men's fashion. Following these business ventures, Moses worked in Retail Leadership Development for Amazon in Seattle. In 2016, Moses was named one of Forbes Asia's 30 Under 30.

Tessa Wijaya, graduated from The University of Sydney, has vast experience in the field of private equity from large companies such as Principia and Mizuho.

Juan Gonzalez graduated from Berkeley University in 2013, before becoming a Software Development Engineer at Expedia Inc, where he was the recipient of the rare Gold Star award for performance, effort and potential.

Bo Chen, also a graduate of Berkeley University, is a very experienced Software Engineer, having worked for numerous companies in this position, including Ripple Labs, POPSUGAR and Pagoki inc. Bo also co-founded a company in 2012 called Happening, focusing on full stack development with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript front end and Ruby on Rails and PostgresDB back end.

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