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Founded in 2018, the Singaporean start-up Zenyum believes that everyone deserves an affordable, confident smile. That is why they have created the virtually invisible brace made of medical grade, non-BPA, latex free plastic, whose effectiveness and quality has been proven through the thousands of cases treated since their debut. The service ensures that you don't have to go to a dentist to achieve that perfect smile, but rather the app they have created allows dentists in real time to assess the progress of your treatment.

Using 3D printing to ensure each brace is entirely suited to the clients mouth, Zenyum has an easy and affordable process to achieving a great smile across South-East-Asia. By offering both a free initial survey and smile assessment, Zenyum can assess the needs of a client before charging a penny. What's more, if your teeth have not moved according to the 3D simulation created earlier in the process, the company will produce additional sets for you, at no additional cost.

But their approach is about more than just aligners. Jumping into the market of what they call "smile cosmetics", they not only continue to produce their ZenyumClear aligners, but now have branched out to manufacture their ZenyumSonic toothbrush. Designed with dental professionals in Singapore, the brush boast a unique oval head shape, three brushing modes to suit all dental needs, and vibration 5-10 times faster than a standard electric brush. 

Being 70% more affordable than other methods available in the market, and having an app through which to keep tabs on your progress through regular check ins, Zenyum builds your confidence without breaking the bank, and revolutionizes the way you care for your mouth.

About the founders/CEO:

Julian Artope, CEO of Zenyum, has been a tech entrepreneur for the past 13 years, building payment, content and eCommerce companies in and across Europe, the US and Africa, before he moved to Singapore to start Zenyum.

Frederik Krass, COO of Zenyum, has spent more than 6 years building fast-moving e-commerce companies around the globe, founding and exiting SaaS businesses in South-East-Asia, India and Brazil.

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