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The Greentech startup Zolar was founded in Berlin in 2016 by Alex Melzer and Gregor Loukidis. The online provider for solar solutions offers a simple, digital and pioneering approach to photovoltaics, making the production and use of renewable energy as easy and as uncomplicated as possible.

With the specially developed Zolar online configurator, homeowners can plan, configure and purchase their PV system individually online at a fixed price. At the same time customers receive personal advice from solar experts. The installation of the PV systems is carried out by local and certified craftsmen from the Zolar partner network throughout Germany. Since July 2021, Zolar also offers the rental of solar systems.

Zolar offers customers individual solar solutions from a single source: from planning and consulting, to professional installation, to helpful customer service. The Berlin-based greentech startup employs more than 300 people across Germany and pursues the vision of installing a solar system on every roof in the world, making the use of renewable energy as easy as possible for everyone.

About the founders/CEO:

Alex Melzer, founder and CEO of Zolar, graduated with a Master’s degree in industrial engineering from the University of Dresden. From the very beginning, his career has been dedicated to the solar industry: he initially worked as a Product Manager at Solarwatt AG, before moving to Canada and becoming Managing Director at Soventix Canada Inc., a global solar project developer. After traveling and biking around the world, he moved back to Germany in 2016 where he founded the Greentech Startup Zolar. 

His vision: changing the world’s energy generation to 100% renewable. Melzer’s stated purpose is a livable future that is based on 100% renewable energies. Zolar supports the global movement of “Fridays for Future”, sharing the view that the economy needs to fully support and be the amplifier in our joint fight for climate change.

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