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Zolar is an online photovoltaic company offering solar and battery storage systems including installation for residential houses. Through a highly digitized and automated process Zolar is a one-stop solution provider for the customer from the initial contact until the commissioning of the solar system.

Through the Zolar online configurator, the customer can record all relevant roof parameters and save it into the system. The Zolar platform was designed to be particularly user-friendly so that individuals with limited expertise could make informed choices. The start-up has simplified access to renewable energies and enables its customers to effectively contribute to the fight against climate change. The Zolar online configurator seamlessly takes over the entire concept of your own photovoltaic system, from planning to insurance and financing, all the way to the final installation. The digitalized process makes it easy for customers to purchase customized photovoltaic solutions at the fixed price specified in the online tool. An algorithm recommends suitable products, and the service is complemented by expert consultants. Experienced technicians from the  partner network install the photovoltaic systems.

About the founders/CEO:

Alex Melzer, founder and CEO of zolar, graduated with a Master’s degree in industrial engineering from the University of Dresden. From the very beginning, his career has been dedicated to the solar industry: he initially worked as a Product Manager at Solarwatt AG, before moving to Canada and becoming Managing Director at Soventix Canada Inc., a global solar project developer. After traveling and biking around the world, he moved back to Germany in 2016 where he founded the Greentech Startup Zolar. 

His vision: changing the world’s energy generation to 100% renewable. Melzer’s stated purpose is a livable future that is based on 100% renewable energies. Zolar supports the global movement of “Fridays for Future”, sharing the view that the economy needs to fully support and be the amplifier for the movement started by the students.

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