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2020 Partech Africa Report

We’re proud to present the 2020 Partech Africa report!  

It appears that, in the middle of the global pandemic, the African tech ecosystem is still growing fast, with more deals closed, and is getting a boost from the accelerated digitalization of foundational economic sectors. 

More equity rounds in a challenging year 

In 2020, more startups have closed deals than in any previous year: 359 deals were closed by 347 startups, compared with 250 rounds in 2019, i.e., a +44% growth YoY. Another very positive signal is the number of seed deals which massively accelerated, reaching 228 deals (+80% YoY). Venture stages (Series A & B) are continuing to grow (+11% deals YoY) despite a general erosion of round sizes. Growth stage sees a low deal count and a marked drop in ticket size (-60% YoY). 


See more below and download the full report here!  2021-partech-africa-africa-tech-vc-report-inwidth-800.webp

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