A 3 years’ partnership with ClimateCare and a new one with EcoVadis to rate ESG performance of portfolio companies

A 3 years’ partnership with ClimateCare and a new one with EcoVadis to rate ESG performance of portfolio companies

January 16th, 2020

Partech and ClimateCare have agreed to form a partnership to further Partech's effort to fight climate change, by not only taking significant actions to reduce our footprint, but by offsetting unavoidable emissions through several high impact projects, including LifeStraw water filters and Gyapa stoves, among others. ClimateCare, a Certified B Corporation, combines the vision of a social enterprise and the commercial experience of an investment bank, to mobilize the power and scale of private finance to deliver projects with positive environmental and social impacts around the world.

Due to our global reach, we at Partech are always going to meet entrepreneurs from all around the world, and therefore flights from Paris-San Francisco, Dakar-Berlin and several other routes are inevitable. So, to ensure that we are playing a part in fighting climate change, every flight, every car journey and every action that creates an emission will be offset in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint.

“We are delighted to work with ClimateCare, who are experts in this field, with over 20 years’ experience running some of the most innovative and largest carbon offset programs in the world.” said Omri Benayoun, General Partner at Partech.  “Having worked with them since 2017 has helped us understand how we can integrate action to tackle climate change and improve people’s lives.” 

ClimateCare’s Head of Partnerships, Robert Stevens, explains: “We are delighted to be working with Partech to deliver innovative projects at an unprecedented scale. Our Climate+Care model helps organizations take a smart approach to addressing their environmental impact by offsetting their carbon emissions and supporting sustainable development”.

Financing tomorrow’s sustainable digital economy 

Partech’s mission is to provide capital and operational resources to entrepreneurs building the leading players of tomorrow, bolstered by secular trends and driven by the new generations of stakeholders, whose preferences are transforming industries. The strong conviction of Partech is that, thanks to their missions and business models, these companies will outperform their industries’ benchmark, sometimes even create new industries, while also having a strong positive impact on society and the environment. 

Many such examples can be found in our portfolio, either in the second-hand circular economy, sustainable tourism, recycling & rental, reduction of datacenter storage, etc., but most certainly the company at the forefront of CSR is EcoVadis, the world leader in business sustainability ratings for global supply chains, which has just attracted the largest round of growth funding for a software business in France and for an ESG-related business. Since 2016, when Partech invested in EcoVadis as its first financial investor, we have been impressed by the way the company has redefined the ESG standards for best-in-class global businesses. 

Consequently, after having successfully put in place carbon emission offsetting at the firm level with ClimateCare, we have decided to partner with EcoVadis in order to roll out its ratings and methodology across our portfolio, as part of our effort to help entrepreneurs assess and improve their ESG leadership.
“ESG is becoming a key criteria in our investment process in tech companies, and in LPs assessment of GPs. Partech will strive to improve our processes and outcomes on this important matter”, says Omri Benayoun, General Partner at Partech.

To discover more about this exciting partnership, click here.

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