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Ava announces new innovations and fresh funding!

Ava, a world leader in technology for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, has announced two new products and raised $4.5 Million in a funding round co-led by Initialized Capital and Khosla Ventures. 

Ava's AI solution creates live subtitles which are easy to follow meaning no one is left out of conversation. The Covid19 pandemic has been difficult for us all but for those with hearing impairments, it has been particularly challenging. The intimacy of human conversation has been replaced with online alternatives which make it even more difficult for deaf people to follow. What's more, the mask legislation has made lip reading impossible and has pushed the case for a more comprehensive solution to tackle these problems. 

That is where Ava's brand new features make all the difference: Ava Closed Captions and Ava Scribe. Ava Closed Captions is the company's new web and desktop product. This allows its users to see closed captions alongside any online meeting they're attending whether it be a webinar or Zoom meeting. This will make all deaf people's home working experience more accessible and more productive.

Ava Scribe is a real-time, professional-grade captioning service that combines machine and human intelligence, available on all platforms. As Ava’s AI writes a caption, a human edits the text, adding no more than a three-second delay, which is twice as fast as traditional solutions. 

Ava CEO Thibault Duchemin grew up in a household with those hard of hearing and he is so excited by the new innovations his team have achieved: “Since I was five, I spent my life making sure my parents and sister had access to essential information like everyone else does. But last month, when I showed them Ava Captions, I realized we had made a huge leap forward. I saw my parents’ eyes light up when they realized they could, with just one click, caption truly anything on their computer. Because they didn’t need to stress over each class, training, webinar or video, wondering if it was going to be accessible, they felt truly empowered,” 

We are so proud to back Ava, the work they do to aid the community of 450 million deaf or hard of hearing people is simply incredible!

Watch their video here!

Read the Full Press Release here

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