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Cake Break with Alhousseini Maiga

Alhou is Senior Financial Controller, based in the Paris office. He joined the team in January 2022. 

1. You previously studied at the French officer academy “Ecole Spéciale Militaire de Saint – Cyr.” How has your military training shaped your working habits?  

The academy taught me key values on how to behave within a company. Thanks to my training, I am more organized, thorough, and know how to always stick to the plan. Moreover, I always envision each project as a mission with people dedicated to fulfilling the achievements. Consequently, leadership is one of the most important values I have developed. Finally, I am resilient. I have experienced hard physical and mental challenges during the training but having overcome them helps me when facing difficulties in my professional life.  

2. Tell us more about your role as Senior Financial Controller 

The core mission of the Senior Financial Controller consists of checking all data related to the funds to provide accurate information to the LPs. My role includes a great variety of assignments and there are never two identical days! You can find me doing tasks such as: correctly valuing the companies in the portfolio, issuing the annual LP reports, validating the information provided by the finance teams of our portfolio companies, providing all data requested by the auditors or answering the questions of LPs. 

3. You enjoy reading books about former African leaders. Who is the leader you find most inspiring and why?   

Thomas Sankara is one of the most inspiring leaders. He was highly motivated to lead his country to prosperity and fought for the development of western African countries. 

4. What’s your favorite snack to grab from the Partech kitchen?  

I enjoy muesli and sparkling water. 

Thank you Alhou!

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