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Cake Break with Vladia Ballesteros

Vladia is a Principal in Investor Relations in Paris.  

1. After 15 years in Financial Services in Investor Relations and Business Development in the UK. Tell us why is maintaining good investor relations essential for adding value for a firm and for investors alike? 

I am fascinated with the power of relationship. Relationships and the way you nurture them are primordial in any type of environment and even more so in an increasingly competitive world. 

Maintaining good relationships with our investors will have a direct impact on the firm, the brand and the profession more broadly speaking. 

The way you treat your investors/clients from the first touch point all along their journey will impact their experience and consequently the way they view and speak about the brand. 

Caring about your relationship helps to build trust and increase loyalty over time. It is all about human beings and psychology at the end of the day. Good relationships are a key market differentiator in our industry. 

2. What excites you most about your role at Partech now?  

I would express it in three words: entrepreneurship, international and human. 

I have discovered a culture where entrepreneurship is strongly encouraged and found creativity to be a skill that you can develop without any limits whether you’re presenting projects, ideas….  

Partech is also all about being international and most of the time we speak English. We are more than 70 professionals with 20 different nationalities across four continents, we have invested in more than 200 companies across 38 countries, and we build relationships with investors all over the world.  

Lastly, I am fortunate to work with colleagues with incredible personalities who share their passion and interest in so many fields, which makes my everyday job even more enjoyable. 

3. You spent time studying in Southeast Asia, Japan and the US, and lived in the UK for 20 years. Where is your favourite place in the world and why?  

I have travelled across and lived in different parts of the world and these experiences have been very profitable in many ways. Each culture has its own beliefs and mysteries therefore it would be difficult for me to choose one specific place. What I like most is to discover a country and its culture. I consider myself as a citizen of the world. 😉 

4. What’s your favorite snack to grab from the Partech kitchen?  

Such a tricky question! Partech kitchen is the kingdom of sweet tooths. You can find drawers filled with sweets and chocolate thanks to our most amazing Officer Manager, Vinciance, who kindly looks after all of us Partechies. 😊 

Thank you Vladia!

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