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Cake Break with Laetitia Marcadé

Laetitia is an Associate at Partech, focusing on Growth activities since 2020.

1. Which tech sector will you be paying the most attention to over the next five years?  

We are a generalist tech investment firm, so all of them! But if I had to pick a few, some have caught my attention like climate tech and sustainability software. That’s a trend that we see booming in the coming years as more stakeholders – citizens, firms and governments alike – start to grasp the urgency of climate change. I’m also a fan of everything data infrastructure & cybersecurity, so I’ll keep an eye out for the next big European player in that category! 

 2. You started working at Partech right after finishing your Master’s degree in management and Corporate Finance. What was your experience breaking into the VC market?    

I did two internships in adjacent environments, one in M&A in Paris and the other in a fintech startup with my time split between Paris and Geneva. I was lucky enough to meet my first VCs while I was representing the startup at a pitching contest. I really enjoyed speaking with them and wanted to discover more about the job, so I ended up working part time for the team during the second year of my Master’s. That experience introduced me to the ecosystem and was very helpful when I later looked for a full time job in the industry.

I started by referencing the different firms I could work for, and identifying the stage, industries, and geographies I wanted to be involved with. I also reached out directly to a number of investors – and was amazed by the response rate. Most people in VC are really open to connecting and speaking about their job. That’s how I heard of open positions and started applying. 
When I started working at Partech as an Analyst, I still knew little about day-to-day VC investing. I tried to get involved, picking up any project where I could be helpful and asking a lot of questions! The team were really supportive, giving me the freedom to explore projects as well as providing guidance to help me acquire the hard skills.  

3. You once spent a whole month horse riding in Mongolia. How does this hobby help you to unwind and recharge?   

I have been a horse rider since… forever! I really enjoy escaping to other countries, such as Mongolia or Kirgizstan, that share a nomadic culture and a profound respect for horses. They’re such a powerful animal, but also very kind creatures. Being around horses means you have to care for their safety and wellbeing first, which is a refreshing change when you have to have to think about finding the best patch of grass or ensuring you will arrive at the next river by nightfall! It also allows me to experience a completely different lifestyle for a few weeks and get a taste of a different freedom. You know, when there is no road around and you can turn right just because you decided to?

4. Finally, what’s your favorite snack to grab from the Partech kitchen?  

I try to resist the Kinder Buenos but that is extremely hard. Luckily, we are in the strawberry season so that’s what I rush to! 

Thank you Laetitia!

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