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From China to Senegal, Partech Portfolio Makes Waves

This month we enjoyed a Cake Break with André, our newly promoted Partner in the Growth team, Elena, Principal, a recent addition to the Venture team, and Vladia, Principal in our Investors Relations team. You can get to know them in this month's newsletter. 🍰

In the portfolio there were acquisitions from both sides of the table, new licenses and explosive new rounds. 💥

Mindsay, the French chatbot startup, has been acquired by the Chinese automation specialist Laiye. The conversational AI platform will play a vital role in Laiye’s international expansion, becoming its default chatbot technology in markets outside China. 🤖

Alan, the Parisian insurtech whose flagship product is online health insurance has announced a $193M funding round. A year after obtaining unicorn status, this raise doubles its valuation to $2.9B, with which they will accelerate European expansion and reach 3M members by 2025. 🩺

 Wave, the Senegal-based fintech, has become the first non-telco, non-bank to get an e-money license in the West African Economic and Monetary Union (WAEMU) region. The license, granted by the Central Bank of West African States (BCEAO), will allow the unicorn to independently and directly offer its suite of financial products to customers without the support of third-party banks. 🌊


That's just a little snippet of the action! You can read the full newsletter with all of the updates here.

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