Introducing Partech Growth II, the $750M Fund Dedicated to European Scale-Ups

Introducing Partech Growth II, the $750M Fund Dedicated to European Scale-Ups

November 30th, 2021

Back in 2016, we were thrilled to announce the final closing of our first $440M Growth fund, a true pioneer in its asset class. We made our initial investments in leading companies such as Amboss, M-Files, NA-KD, Sendinblue, and Ecovadis. We helped the likes of navigate the journey to IPO; and supported Brandwatch, through a $450M acquisition, finding a larger platform in Cision to help achieve its mission.  

It’s been a rewarding journey to say the least, and today we get to celebrate another milestone as we mark the closing of Partech Growth II. The debut of the sequel! 

Staying steadfast in our thesis 

They say, "you're the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” For us, we interpret this as the 12 – 15 companies of whom we have the fortune to be the lead partner at any given point in time. After the many successes of Partech Growth I, we plan to follow the same principles that have brought us to where we, and our portfolio companies, are today: 

  • Putting entrepreneurs first and sharing their passion for the products they are building 
  • Accelerating GTM expansion across Europe, North America and beyond 
  • Enabling founders to build enduring, category leading companies 
  • Nurturing our global network of tech executives and founders, to de-risk the expansion phase of our portfolio companies 
  • Growing the most international investment team in Continental Europe, by ex-operators offering market and sector expertise 
  • Closing well above target size at a grand total of $750M, and with the wealth of experience we gained from PG I, this new fund has even more fire power behind it!  

Confirming our vision 

Little over a decade ago, dedicated European growth funds like Partech Growth were few and far between. Companies raising at Seed and Venture stage were dominating the investment space, (most notably in the UK), with little demand for later-stage growth rounds. 

Despite this, we began to sense a burgeoning growth ecosystem as more companies looked primed to make the crossover from startup to scale-up. The learnings we gained from Partech Growth I have been true confirmation of this suspicion.  

We’re thankful to the founders and teams behind the many once small startups turned giants, within and outside of our portfolio. Through their relentless hard work, sheer grit and persistence, and the support of the earlier stage funds, the European tech ecosystem has thrived and matured.  

Preparing for any eventuality 

Partech Growth II is fully loaded for bear and off to an exceptional start. We’re proud to have already welcomed five well-established scale-ups, across a range of sectors, into the Partech family: 

  • Jonas Suijkerbuijk of Stockholm’s Billogram
  • Tomas Cupr of the Czech Republic-located Rohlik
  • Jeanne Damas and Jérôme Basselier of Parisian Rouje
  • Emmanuelle Fauchier-Magnan, Quitterie Mathelin-Moreaux and Samy Amar of Paris-based Skello
  • Marnix Broer and Lucas van den Houten of Amsterdam’s StuDocu

Our ‘Entrepreneurs First’ mantra remains our raison d’être, and always will be. To us, this means consistent support and encouragement, stretch and challenge, complete transparency, moving fast, and sticking together through the highs and the lows.  

We will continue to level up; asking the right questions that reflect our genuine interest in, and deep knowledge of the sectors in which we invest; and learning from as well as being inspired by our founders. 

Giving credit where credit is due 

Naturally, a huge thank you must be given to all the dreamers and the doers – the founders and their teams who have put their trust in us. Standing beside you as you bring your visions to reality is an honor that we do not take for granted.  

The same goes for our co-investment partners welcoming us on their journey; Partech’s hard-working platform team sharing best practice across our network; and of course, our investors (both old and new), for their conviction in our team and our founders. Onwards! 

The Partech Growth Team 

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