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ManoMano doubles its global business volume in 2020!

ManoMano, the European digital leader specializing in DIY, home and garden has announced €1.2 billion business volume in 2020. ManoMano boasts 7 million active customers and is planning on expanding its teams and recruiting 350 new employees in 2021.  

With 10 million SKUs, ManoMano offers the largest catalogue on the market. 

2020 has seen ManoMano accelerate in the European markets (Belgium, Spain, Italy, Germany and the United Kingdom), where the company achieved 40% of its business volume. In 2021, the company plans to strengthen its presence in Northern Europe: one of the most important markets along with Germany (€82 billion) and the United Kingdom (€50 billion).  

Since 2019, ManoMano has been profitable on its consumer activities in France and in 2020 will also be profitable on ManoManoPro activities. In France, 1 craftsman in 10 is a ManoManoPro customer. This gives them access to an exclusive catalogue of professional products and personalized support thanks to a team of experts. 

Read the full Press Release here.  

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