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Marketing Leader Sendinblue raises $163M

Congratulations to Sendinblue, the leading all-in-one marketing and sales solution, who announced a raise of $163M in a new funding round containing Bridgepoint Development Capital, BPI Large Cap, Blackrock and Partech. 

Sendinblue has become a world leader in digital marketing due to its one of a kind all-in-one marketing and sales solution. Their mission is to aid Small and Medium businesses overcome the challenges they face with regard to marketing. This mission has been so well received meaning Sendinblue now has more than 180,000 customers in over 160 countries.

This new funding is timely as, due to the pandemic, businesses were tasked with digitalizing their output. This led to over 50% growth between March - June 2020 alone, supplementing the company's annual growth of over 60% and annual turnover of €50M before the Covid19 crisis began. Furthermore, this new funding will help Sendinblue expand even further internationally as it opens its new office in Toronto! This new office means new hiring opporutnites and Sendinblue is looking to add its team of 400 employees in New Delhi, Seattle, Paris, Berlin and Toronto. This broadening of the team will help the company achieve its goal of reaching $230M in annual revenue by 2025. 

“SendInBlue is fast becoming the European-leading digital-marketing platform for SMBs, and Partech is very excited to continue the journey with the company and its founders, and to welcome our news partners Bridgepoint and BPI," added Bruno Crémel, General Partner at Partech and a board member of SendinBlue since 2017.

Partech is so proud to part of Sendinblue's incredible journey, congratulations to founder Armand Thiberge and all his team!

Read the full Press Release here.

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