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NA-KD leads the climate fight with its Black Week.

NA-KD, a global e-commerce leader, has announced that their Black Week in 2020 will be fully climate neutral. This makes them the first e-commerce brand to do so, reinforcing their position as sustainable fashion trailblazers. This initiative will play a part in the company's goal to become fully climate neutral by the end of 2025.

NA-KD is expecting record numbers for Black Week 2020 with over 1 million items expected to be sold and their site is due traffic of over 10 million from 100 different countries. Amongst the items sold, over 40% will be sustainable and will be created in the optimum working conditions. The calculations for this climate neutral week will take into account a wide variety of aspects of their business. From raw materials to packing, NA-KD have all the bases covered for a highly successful week. 

Jarno Vanhatapio, CEO & Founder, emphasizes the importance of putting sustainability at the heart of his company's policy: “Sustainability is a complex area spanning over everything we do. We are humble in front of the challenges that we as a company, the industry and society stand before. To be able to act swiftly and implement improvements in the areas with the highest impact, we have teamed up with industry experts within the field of sustainability. We will invite all our millions of customers on a transparent journey where they can follow our work to become an increasingly sustainability company. To have a climate neutral Black Week is a big milestone for NA-KD and we hope we inspire other brands to follow our example even if it comes at a short term cost”

At Partech, Environmental, Social and Coroporate Governance are the barometers by which we measure the enviromental and societal impact of an investment in a company. On an Environmental level, the impact on climate change is something we look at an we couldn't be happier to support companies like NA-KD doing integral work for the future of our planet!

Read the full Press Release here.
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