Partech Looks Ahead With Third Global Seed Fund Of $100M

Partech Looks Ahead With Third Global Seed Fund Of $100M

April 28th, 2020

Partech's latest Seed Fund, Partech Entrepreneur III, has just been announced as closed at a sum of $100M. The fund is dedicated to investing in companies that demonstrate that they will play a part in shaping a new world post COVID-19. These involve startups focusing on emerging trends in health, work, commerce, finance, mobility and computing. COVID-19 has shaken the world considerably, but what it has not impacted is Partech's ability to invest in promising young companies, and this is reflected through the 8 new investments and 2 commitments made since the start of the pandemic. 

The Partech Entrepreneur III Fund, alongside the other various seed funds, has made Partech one of the largest seed investors in the world, with its seed funds exceeding $300M in total and topping 160 investments in 22 countries across Europe, the US and Asia. The fund is made up of 10 dedicated and passionate team members who are themselves ex-founders and start-up employees. They are located in San Francisco, Paris and Berlin.

The current pandemic is demonstrating now more than ever that the world is shifting from the real to the digital. 'Remote' is the new standard, and companies that will come out on top from this crisis are those who understand the need for rapid digitalization, and who create products and/or services that accommodate this new world. Partech invests across all stages of seed, from pre-seed rounds of a few hundred thousand dollars to pre-series A rounds of several million, from chips & deep tech to marketplaces. The investments made are focused on 6 verticals, including: 

  • Future of Health:​ ​Personalized, Online, AI-assisted
  • Future of Work:​ ​Remote, Collaborative, Continuous education
  • Future of Commerce: ​Software-enabled, Social, Instant
  • Future of Finance: ​API-based, Data-driven, Decentralized
  • Future of Mobility: ​Autonomous, Multimodal, On-demand 
  • Future of Computing: ​Edge, AI, Wireless.
Partech seed funds are inherently large, so as to be able to invest more in follow on Series A and B rounds of companies within its portfolio. As of today, the Seed Funds have invested more than $1.5B in follow-on money.

Once a company is a part of the Partech portfolio, it is provided with dedicated support and guidance at the various stages of its journey. Each member of the seed team is on hand to offer their expertise which spans various industries, and the companies within the portfolio itself also form a thriving community of entrepreneurs and business men and women alike who are on hand to offer whatever help they can. What's more, portfolio companies can expect to benefit from Partech's lively platform that is forever active. With an event every 6 weeks and a job board that boasts over 1,000 positions, companies within Partech's portfolio have access to all the support they could need to progress in their endeavors.

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