Partech promotes Boris Golden to Partner

Partech promotes Boris Golden to Partner

January 12th, 2021

We couldn’t be more thrilled to announce that Boris Golden, a key and longstanding member of the Partech Seed team, is becoming our firm’s newest Partner!  

Since he joined our Paris office back in 2015, Boris has proved a remarkable ability to identify and work with some of the most talented and ambitious Founders in Europe, partnering with them from the very beginning of their entrepreneurial journey. Moreover, his genuine approach to investment and his passion for portfolio support have quickly earned him a very strong reputation in the ecosystem. 

“We simply wouldn’t be where we are today without his invaluable support and guidance”, said Vincent Dupied, Co-Founder and CEO of Dejbox, one of Boris’ very first investments at Partech. “Having Boris onboard with us from day 1 was an absolute game-changer for us... A huge thank you for this extraordinary collaboration, that eventually led to our very successful M&A with Carrefour!”. 

Boris has also demonstrated his capability to work with Founders across very diverse domains, typically on novel & hybrid models, where no pre-existing playbooks could be applied. He notably led the investments and sits on the board of Jellysmack (Creator Economy x Social Media), Sorare (Gaming x Blockchain), Maze (Design x Data), Glofox (Fitness x SaaS), Ubble (KYC x Artificial Intelligence) or formerly Dejbox (Food x Marketplace), among others. 

“Since joining Partech, Boris has shown an incredible flair for discovering the next big things, sometimes underdogs and contrarian bets, while ensuring outstanding performance and liquidity for our Seed funds”, said Romain Lavault, General Partner at Partech, who first met with Boris at a startup jury back in 2014 and immediately recognized his talents. “But beyond being great at picking companies, Boris is also widely praised by his Founders for his dedication and full support across all foundational topics, and his huge personal involvement on a daily basis!”. 

“My passion is to genuinely support founders in their entrepreneurial journey, and being a seed VC is an incredible opportunity to do so!”, said Boris. “Especially at Partech, where we hugely benefit from the extensive resources, back-office, network and experience from our multi-stage international firm. I feel proud of what we have built as a team in the past years, and I am also very grateful to all the outstanding Founders who have trusted and welcomed us by their side, from the earliest stage”. 

Boris started his career as a researcher in Computer Science, before becoming Co-Founder & CEO of Pealk, an HR SaaS startup that was acquired in 2013 by LinkedIn competitor Viadeo. He has also been a very active and hands-on mentor to numerous early-stage startups, notably at renowned startup accelerators Microsoft Ventures and Numa in Paris. 

Boris’ well-deserved rise through the ranks marks another great milestone for Partech and strengthens the leadership of our international Seed Fund, with more than $300M dedicated to seed opportunities and a portfolio of over 130 companies in 22 countries across Europe, US & Southeast Asia. It will also allow Partech to continue its momentum after closing in 2020 our latest Seed Fund, PEF III, and in anticipation of our upcoming new Seed Fund, PEF IV. 

Please join us in congratulating Boris on his new role! You can also follow him on LinkedIn & Twitter

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