Partech welcomes Josépha Montana as Chief Sustainability Officer

Partech welcomes Josépha Montana as Chief Sustainability Officer

March 21st, 2023

Paris, March 21st, 2023 – Partech, the global technology investment firm, is thrilled to announce the appointment of Josépha Montana as Chief Sustainability Officer – a newly created role aimed at accelerating the firm’s ambitions to spearhead the sustainable finance revolution.

Combining innovation and impact as a core mission

As one of the largest tech investment platforms in Europe, Partech’s responsibility is to lead the way in combining innovation and impact. For a long time, impact and financial returns have been disconnected but it has become evident recently that the entire value chain is changing. 

“The youngest generations of entrepreneurs, employees and investors too are all deeply connecting their personal aspirations with their professional ambition. We are collectively in this business to invent the world of tomorrow and we all need to make sure that technology is the solution, not the problem.” explains Romain Lavault, General Partner at Partech. 

ESG and sustainability have been changing many industries already, but this is still relatively new for the tech sector. The exponential rise of tech also gives investors an important responsibility in how it will be used to shape the world of tomorrow.

At Partech, we are fortunate to help many impact companies in our portfolio on their journey to use tech for Good. 22% of our portfolio companies are addressing environmental issues, 37% are tackling social challenges, like facilitating access to care (Kenbi or Oviva in Germany, HD in Thailand), leveraging tech to fight diseases ( in the US, Damae Medical or Remedee Labs in France, Quibim in Spain), encouraging financial inclusion (whether in B2B with TradeDepot in Nigeria or Yoco in South Africa, or B2C with Moneyfellows in Egypt, Nomba in Nigeria or Wave in Senegal) or decent work (with Gebeya in Ethiopia). 

This is only the beginning. Our most ambitious entrepreneurs inspire us daily and push us to do even more ourselves, and for our portfolio at large.

Josépha Montana hired as CSO 

To that effect, we are welcoming Josépha Montana as Chief Sustainability Officer. Her mission is to lead our efforts in becoming a reference in the Tech community about how to combine impact and profit in practice, across all stages of maturity. 

By implementing sustainability at all stages of the strategy, she will contribute to increasing the extra-financial value creation for the portfolio and positioning Partech as a responsible investor. 

Josépha Montana has joined Partech as of March 1st. She most recently served as Head of ESG and Communications at Turenne Capital where she led and oversaw the building of ESG fund processes and portfolio companies’ strategy.  

Prior to that, she was a Consultant for 5 years at Shan, specialized in financial communication and ESG in the Private Equity industry. She started her career at Euronext as the Operation Specialist on financial and IPOs communication. 

Josépha graduated from the University of Glasgow (Economics) and La Sorbonne (International Relations) with a research paper on the impact of microcredit on women entrepreneurship. Last year she graduated from EFFAS (European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies) as a Certified ESG Analyst. 

She is also a Member of the ESG Steering Committee of France Invest and the Co-Lead of the Initiative Climate for Europe (supported by UN PRI). 

“I am very excited to join Partech. Not only will I be focused on embedding sustainability into processes and decision making but also on championing cultural change across the entire organisation and the portfolio through education. My goal is to promote mindset shifts based on concrete behaviours.” says Josepha Montana.

About Partech 

Born in San Francisco 40 years ago and now headquartered in Paris, Partech is one of the most active global tech investors in the world, bringing together capital, operational experience, and strategic support for entrepreneurs at seed, venture and growth stages. The firm manages €2.5B and its current portfolio includes more than 240 companies across 40 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and the US.  

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