Pimento Secures €3M Funding to Harness AI for Enhancing Creativity

Pimento Secures €3M Funding to Harness AI for Enhancing Creativity

December 7th, 2023

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Pimento leverages generative AI to serve another major French attribute: creativity. Co-founded by the former Chief Product and Strategy Officer of French National Culture Pass and an ex-Apple AI researcher and Nabla technical lead in October 2022, this Paris-based startup has just launched its beta version and secured a 3M€ seed investment from Partech (France), Cygni Capital (US), and many business angels.

Every creative team has faced the same challenges in successfully carrying out an ambitious project: clearly defining the project, effectively iterating in team, and converging to a strong artistic direction. These tedious steps often limit creative exploration, resulting in outcomes that fall short of ever-increasing standards of creative industries

Pimento uses generative AI to swiftly allow ambitious creatives to go from briefs into powerful creative directions. Its user-friendly and collaborative interface enables more numerous and efficient creative iterations, giving space for even more daring projects.

Dozens of creatives (art directors, agencies, animation studios, marketing teams) are already using Pimento on a variety of projects, such as branding, animation movies or advertising campaigns.


About the fundraising

Pimento raised 3M€ from Partech (France) and Cygni Capital (US), alongside many business angels such as Julien Chaumond (Hugging Face), Stanislas Polu (Dust), Thibaud Elzière (Hexa), Jean-Charles Samuelian (Alan), Igor Manceau (creative director, ex-Ubisoft), Jonathan Widawski (Maze), Alessandro Sabatelli (ex-Apple) ou Nicolas Steegmann (ex-Stupeflix). The funding will mainly be used to develop an interface and models better tailored to the creative process than the generic solutions currently available.

About the founders

The founders bonded over a mutual passion for creativity and technology while they were students at Ecole Polytechnique in Paris. Before launching Pimento in October 2022, Florent Facq developed Pass Culture, an app backed by the French Government currently enabling nearly 4 million young French people to enhance their cultural habits. Tomás Yany, meanwhile, pursued his passion for photography by joining Apple US as an AI researcher for two years, before coming back to Paris as technical lead at Nabla, an AI health start-up, for the past four years.

Florent Facq, co-founder: "Being creative is not just about generating an image; it's about creating a coherent and relevant universe, defining clear and powerful aesthetic intentions. Current generative AI models don't meet these challenges. We need to push technology and interfaces even further."

Tomás Yany, co-founder: "Pimento ignites the true spirit of the creative work: curating, guiding, selecting. More than ever, the trained and professional judgment of creative people is crucial for ensuring coherence and relevance. AI brings out the best of them."


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