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Agicap raises €15M to help SMBs manage their cash

LYON – MAY 5TH, 2020 – Agicap, a Lyon-based startup building a SaaS platform for SMBs to manage and forecast their cash flows, has raised €15M in a round led by Partech. Existing investors BlackFin Capital Partners and Kima Ventures also participated in the round, which comes only 7 months after BlackFin led the company’s €2.4M seed round.

Agicap helps entrepreneurs regain control over their cash

Agicap’s software gives small and medium-sized business owners real-time visibility over their cash via a simple, intuitive interface. By integrating not only bank account data but also data from accounting and factoring tools, CRMs, ERPs, and POS systems, Agicap offers an exhaustive, up-to-date view of a business’s cash position. The company has developed a proprietary classification technology that automatically categorizes inbound and outbound cash flows and generates base case forecasts. Both the labels Agicap’s system creates and the forecasts it produces can be fully customized, giving business owners complete control over how they monitor their cash and making the process of predicting future shortages less painful.

Many of Agicap’s 2,000 existing clients operate in industries severely affected by the crisis: hotels and restaurants, transportation, shops, industrial businesses, etc. Agicap works not only with independent small and medium-sized businesses but also with franchises like McDonald’s, Burger King, Ibis, Mont Blanc, and Best Western, as well as investor-backed startups like Cityscoot and Ornikar. 

For restaurant owners, Agicap is the crystal ball we’ve been waiting for. With Agicap, my data is automatically entered and updated...I can make forecasts, evaluate investment options, and be reassured about my cash flows for the coming months.” – Antony Giordano, Co-founder of Père & Fish

I used to spend more time in Excel than doing my actual job, which is to run a business. With Agicap, I save more than an hour per day on cash management, and I have clear forecasts for the next 12 months.” – Sébastien Pellevrault, Manager of Rincent ND Technologies

The €15M round will allow Agicap to further accelerate its growth

This latest round will ensure Agicap can continue strengthening its product and growing its sales team to meet the increasing demand for its core offering – helping SMBs run their businesses more effectively using cash flow data. The company’s roadmap for launching new features and bringing more hands on deck to help entrepreneurs involves expanding from 30 to 100 employees in the next year.

Our goal is really to create a tool for running a business using cash flow data. This is very different from how SMBs tend to operate today.” – Sébastien Beyet, CEO of Agicap

Managing cash has become even more important as a result of the crisis. Entrepreneurs can use Agicap to monitor the impact of the crisis on a day-to-day basis and respond to different scenarios (long-term vs. short-term crisis, partial restart, etc.) with appropriate actions. Our tool can help reduce the stress entrepreneurs are dealing with and allow them to regain control over the situation,” adds Sébastien Beyet. 

Agicap’s mission is particularly inspiring. They give SMBs a powerful tool for running their business by focusing on the #1 concern of most business owners: cash.” – Philippe Collombel, General Partner at Partech

We are very happy to continue backing Agicap, which provides a simple, intuitive, remotely accessible tool to the small and medium-sized business owners at the front lines of the crisis who are fighting to keep the economy going. Thanks to PSD2, Agicap offers them exceptional agility, staying more on-the-ground than ever.” – Gabrielle Thomas, Investment Manager at BlackFin

About Agicap

Founded in 2016 by three entrepreneurs from Lyon, Agicap develops and sells a SaaS platform for SMBs to manage and forecast their cash flows. Agicap allows business owners to build dynamic, reliable forecasts and have real-time visibility over their current and future cash position. This data, which can be easily shared with banks, makes it easier for SMBs to access financing options and reduces the risk of bankruptcy. For more information, go to https://agicap.fr, LinkedIn, Facebook, or Instagram

To join the “Cash is King” Slack channel, go to https://content.agicap.fr/cash-is-king.

Agicap Press Contacts

Natacha Heurtault: nh@early-com.com | 06 12 23 58 60
Amandine Bonnefis: amandine.bonnefis@early-com.com | 06 60 77 16 00

About Partech

With a portfolio of almost 180 companies spread across 30 countries in Europe, the US, Africa, and Asia, Partech has been one of the leading international investors helping visionary founders for almost 40 years. The Partech team – made up of both former entrepreneurs and executives from 15 different countries – brings capital, experience, strategic support, and networks to entrepreneurs at every stage of development: seed, venture, and growth. With over €1.5B AUM, Partech invests tickets from €200K to €50M in B2B and B2C technologies reshaping industries. Companies backed by Partech have completed more than 21 IPOs and more than 50 strategic M&A transactions valued over $100M.

Our current portfolio: 

For media inquiries: 

Isabelle Tresson: +33 7 86 08 85 85 itresson@partechpartners.com 

About BlackFin Capital Partners

BlackFin Capital Partners is a fully independent investment fund focused on financial services in Europe, including asset management, financial market intermediation, the distribution and brokerage of banking or insurance products, fund administration, payments, third-party asset management, and more generally all technologies with a link to finance.

BlackFin manages 4 buyout funds and 1 venture fund (BlackFin Tech) and has a total AUM of €1.8B.

BlackFin Capital Partners’s 30 investment professionals are spread across 3 offices in Paris, Brussels, and Frankfurt. For more information, go to our website at https://blackfin-tech.com, Twitter @BlackFin_tech, or Medium at https://medium.com/blackfintech.

About Kima Ventures

Kima Ventures is the startup investment vehicle of Xavier Niel. One of the world’s most active early stage investors, Kima invests in 100 startups per year from Seed to Series A. Based at Station F in Paris, Kima has invested in close to 700 startups since 2010, including Transferwise, Trainline, Zenly, Payfit, Docker, and Ledger – offering financing, networks, and support to help them reach the next step of their journeys.

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