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Bitrise raises $20M Series B to transform the way you build and operate mobile apps

Bitrise, the mobile continuous integration and delivery platform, today announced a $20 million series B investment. The round was led by Partech joined by new investor Zobito and participation from existing investors OpenOcean, Y Combinator, and Fiedler Capital. Partech’s Reza Malekzadeh and OpenOcean’s Ekaterina Almasque will join the company’s board.

This new round goes towards enhancing the platform’s ability to automate across stages of the DevOps lifecycle, following the acquisition of monitoring tech company Outlyer earlier this year. The end-goal is a full mobile DevOps platform, providing all mobile teams a single place to build and operate world-class mobile applications from the first install to the one billionth. Additionally, the company will use the new influx of capital to ramp up hiring in its US, UK, and Hungarian offices, expand its remote workforce and explore new locations to support its rapidly growing user base.

“Mobile is the world’s most popular computing platform and critical to every business’ long term success”, explains Bitrise co-founder and CEO Barnabas Birmacher. “At the same time, developing for mobile is fundamentally different than any other form of software development. By acknowledging those differences, we’ve crafted a mobile CI/CD platform that unburdens and empowers close to 100,000 mobile developers to deliver their best possible work. We allow them to overcome the unique challenges inherent to building and operating mobile applications, from that first spark of a new idea all the way to massive scale. The fact that half of the mobile unicorn startups have continued using Bitrise from their very early stages, through billion-dollar valuations, IPOs and beyond, is an amazing example of that value in action.”

On the subject of the new round, Birmacher continued, “We’re investing heavily into expanding the stages of the DevOps process we cover, as well as bringing management and monitoring for all these processes together into a single screen mobile DevOps solution. Additionally, we’re looking to double the number of supported integrations to 400 by the end of the year. All of this will mean even less time spent configuring connections to the services you use, less time looking for the metrics you need and more time to build and operate impactful mobile experiences. ”

Isabel Rios from Mozilla explained the world of difference a purpose-built mobile CI/CD platform makes, “From the start, Bitrise fit seamlessly into our development process. Configuring builds to run was easy and intuitive by using their system of workflows, steps, and triggers.” “In an agile development environment, it’s a good and reliable way to know how the app is behaving at every moment.”

“I believe Bitrise addresses a problem nobody else quite managed to tackle before,“ said Reza Malekzadeh, General Partner at Partech. “They allow businesses to capture the immense value represented by doing mobile ‘right’ while empowering developers to spend their time doing impactful work. We’re happy to play a role in accelerating their evolution to a full mobile DevOps platform and I’m excited by the tremendous opportunity this represents both for Bitrise as well as the countless app developers they’ll help along the way.”

“Bitrise has delivered stellar results since OpenOcean led their Series A in 2017,” says Ekaterina Almasque, Partner at OpenOcean. “There is a massive shift towards a mobile-first IoT–driven world, which introduces unprecedented levels of complexity in the development and management of digital services. Bitrise won an impressive group of customers globally and increased its revenues tenfold in less than two years. We enjoy working with Bitrise’s talented fast growing team whose grand vision is to equip major enterprises with what is becoming a de-facto integrated product suite for mobile applications.”

On the support received from their investors, Barnabas said, “We’ve been incredibly fortunate to have investors like OpenOcean guide us as we progressed from a good idea to a rapidly growing business. Now that we’re taking the next step, their continued support and guidance, as well as that from Fiedler Capital, Y Combinator and new investors Partech and Zobito, will be critical. Their combined experience is a massive asset and one we’re sure to benefit from going forward.”

About Bitrise

Bitrise is the world’s leading platform for mobile app development automation. Its continuous integration and delivery platform forms the core of tens of thousands of app development processes worldwide, including those of Travelex, Virgin Mobile, Careem, DeNA, Buffer, Mozilla and more. Founded in 2014, with offices in Budapest, London, and San Francisco, Bitrise enables teams large and small to build and operate better mobile applications. Bitrise is backed by Partech, OpenOcean, Zobito, Y Combinator, and Fiedler Capital and has raised a combined $23.5M to date. 

Bitrise currently processes over 1,500,000 monthly mobile builds for Android, iOS, React Native, Xamarin, Flutter and more. Bitrise supports over 200 integrations with the tools, products, and processes developers use, including app dev favorites Slack, Amazon’s Device Farm, JIRA and more. Close to 100,000 mobile developers around the world now trust Bitrise to facilitate their mobile app development process.

In addition to its SaaS cloud product, the company recently started rolling out private managed cloud instances aimed specifically at enterprise companies looking for additional performance and security, as well as an early access program for its upcoming pay-as-you-build plans.

Since the spring of 2019, Bitrise has been the world's highest-rated continuous integration software on customer feedback sites like G2CROWD.

Find the Bitrise presskit at https://www.bitrise.io/presskit

For media enquiries:

Hendrik Haandrikman +31637662200 rik@bitrise.io

About Partech 

Partech is a global investment firm with offices in San Francisco, Paris, Berlin and Dakar. We bring together capital, operational experience and strategic support for entrepreneurs at seed, venture and growth stages across multiple continents, with over €1.3B investment capacity. Investments range from $200K to $50M in a wide range of technologies and businesses for enterprises and consumers, from software, digital brands and services, to hardware and deep tech across all major industries. Companies backed by Partech have completed more than 20 initial public offerings and more than 50 strategic exits above $100M.

Our current portfolio: https://partechpartners.com/companies/

About OpenOcean

OpenOcean is a pan-European VC with offices in Helsinki, London, and Amsterdam, investing in relentless European entrepreneurs building solutions for the data-intensive economy. OpenOcean was the first major shareholder in open source company MySQL, which was later sold to Sun Microsystems (Oracle) for $1 billion. 

We are passionate about data stack innovations and enabling technologies that are unique and quick-to-love. Typically, we lead or co-lead €5M funding rounds and we bring extensive deep technical, product and operational experience to the table. Our pioneering role in driving enabling technologies and ecosystems began with companies like MySQL and MariaDB and continues by powering initiatives like DataSeries, a curated network of thought leaders in the data space. Now we actively support the next visionary early-movers in their journey to grow as global leaders. https://openocean.vc/

About Zobito

Zobito is a Co-Investment Growth Fund that has a proven track record of guiding enterprise software companies in management and go-to-market strategies, talent development, corporate culture and values as well as technology trends.

In our role as co-investors and coaches, Zobito collaborates with our portfolio companies to ensure stellar performance and operational excellence. Success is continually monitored according to clearly defined KPIs using advanced analytics. And since we co-invest with our investment partners we share the risk. The Zobito team offers more than 20 years in the enterprise software field, including private equity and venture capital specialists as well as the key people responsible for the success of Qlik.

Further information on Zobito: http://www.zobito.com

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