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Exporo launches new investment platform with PROPVEST

Hamburg, 14.07.2021 – The Hamburg-based fintech Exporo aims to permanently change the market  for real estate investments with its new platform. With PROPVEST, investors are given the opportunity to either invest in a real estate savings plan with small amounts in an automated way with the help of an algorithm or to invest independently in various existing properties. 

Exporo obtained a licence for financial portfolio management for PROPVEST already last year and will thus introduce the new platform to the broad market for wealth accumulation and expansion. By being able to invest in existing real estate with small amounts, investors can use PROPVEST to diversify their investment portfolio broadly in real estate in order to further diversify the risk of their portfolio.

"PROPVEST is the first roboadvisor for real estate investments. The offer is aimed at every investor -from trainees to dentists - who wants to focus on long-term real estate investments when building up and expanding their wealth. In order to ensure that investors have access to a wide range of opportunities, we want to bring up to ten new properties onto the platform every month in the medium term," says Simon Brunke Co-CEO of Exporo.

In doing so, the platform, which among other things makes own portfolio properties available to investors, is also opening up to top European real estate asset managers. These partners can present their offer of professionally managed properties in top locations in major European cities on the platform.

PROPVEST - offers advantages for everyone

The new platform provides easy access to real estate investments while offering investors maximum flexibility, a high degree of diversification and the possibility to offer their participation for sale on the trading platform at any time. In doing so, PROPVEST operates completely digitally and relies exclusively on tokenised securities. "There are investors who would like to actively build up their real estate portfolio and others who would rather passively save with real estate on a monthly basis. With the PROPVEST platform, we offer the right solution for both target groups - with a very simple, modern and convincing customer experience, high-quality real estate and attractive returns," says Leonard Unger, Head of PROPVEST Strategy & Growth.

"PROPVEST is the consistent further development of our corporate strategy and sets the course for further growth. We see great potential, especially for a younger target group that is increasingly concerned with the topic of asset accumulation. At the same time, we are convinced that by opening our platform to selected asset managers who can bring their offers to the platform, we can create a compelling proposition for our investors," explains Simon Brunke Exporo's new venture.
About Exporo:

The Hamburg-based fintech company Exporo is Germany's leading platform for digital real estate investments. For this purpose, Exporo bundles capital from many private investors, who can easily and directly invest in real estate online via the Exporo platform. Private investors can invest in selected real estate projects and finance real estate projects from professional project developers via the "Exporo Financing" product and receive attractive returns in return. In addition, Exporo has created a new product brand, PROPVEST, which allows investors to invest in rented existing properties and - similar to an owner - to benefit from the rental income and the increase in value. Exporo now holds more than 250 million euros in assets under management. A team of experienced real estate experts acquires and analyses over hundreds of properties and project developments every year. Since its founding in November 2014, more than 750 million euros have been digitally brokered in this way.

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