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ubble submits its application for PVID certification to the ANSSI

PARIS - 15/04/2021 // In order to accompany banking and trust services towards the adoption of new standards of remote access, ubble teams have submitted their application for the ‘PVID’ (Remote Identity Verification Provider) certification, as of April 6th 2021. The ANSSI is yet to confirm that the application has been accepted. 

With applications open since April 1, 2021, an the application for PVID certification is the first milestone for remote identity verification providers wishing to meet the requirements of the new ANSSI standard.

ubble aims to be the first in Europe to receive PVID certification. This certification is critical for the entry into remote relationships in many sectors: financial services (banking, insurance, credit, cryptocurrencies), trust services (electronic signatures and registered documents), and digital identity schemes. 

In a context of widespread remote social and economic relationships, brought on by the health crisis, remote identity verification is becoming a priority and strategic issue. The new ANSSI requirements’ framework is a fundamental asset in the fight against fraud, but it is also an opportunity to build new customer paths that are simple, secure and competitive on the European market. 

A pioneering approach on a European scale
PVID certification is based on nearly 250 technical, security and organisational requirements. The doctrine is clear: a video is required to verify the necessary security features of identity documents, and to verify the face. In addition, a combination of human and automated actions is required to enhance the reliability of identity verification. The hosting of a remote identity verification service should be highly secure and ensure ethical management of users' personal data. These requirements protect the identity of European citizens. The technological choices made by ubble several years ago are consistent with these new standards.

ubble welcomes the French government's pioneering approach to standardising the entry into trusted remote relationships, and welcomes a new set of relevant and balanced requirements. These are the first of their kind published in the European Union and their scope should go beyond the French market.

"2021 is the year of PVID, and the most innovative companies are starting to integrate PVID technologies today to benefit as soon as possible from the strategic advantage that our services bring to the French and European market." Juliette Delanoë - Co-Founder ubble

A white paper to explain the challenges and opportunities presented by PVID certification
Businesses are facing two major challenges: strengthening the level of security when entering into a remote relationship with their users, and taking advantage of the change in regulations to offer a user experience worthy of the best European fintechs, and thus strengthen their competitiveness on a continental scale. 

"In this white paper, we explain why and how it is possible to meet ANSSI security requirements while building user journeys at the level of the best European and global fintechs."  François Wyss - CEO ubble

Leader in its technological choices, ubble aspires to be the first PVID operator to obtain ANSSI certification. The start-up wishes to promote standards that meet current and future requirements in terms of customer experience, security of citizens' identities and European digital sovereignty. 

The white paper is available here.

About ubble

ubble is the leader in face-to-face remote identity verification. The company verifies thousands of identities every day to PVID standards, for major financial institutions, fintechs, etc. Its objective is to fight identity fraud on the Internet by relying on artificial intelligence and video streaming technologies. It allows companies to verify the identity of users in a simple, reliable, secure and privacy-friendly way. 

Website: ubble.ai
Press contact: Sabri Mezghiche - Head of Brand & Communications 
sabri.mezghiche@ubble.ai - + 33 (0)6 69 61 45 68

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