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Aiden team
At Aiden.ai, they are building the future of work, where humans are empowered by virtual coworkers and are able to focus on what matters most. Aiden aims to expand marketers’ capabilities by translating data into actionable insights, detecting anomalies and predicting performance.

Aiden analyses more than $50m worth of Facebook ad spend every year, across more than 100 countries. They are combining their own classical NLP techniques with deep-learning solutions for natural language understanding. They are also working on teaching Aiden prediction and anomaly detection using AI techniques.

Aiden.ai's team is headquartered in London. The company received $2.4 million in funding.

In November 2019, the company was acquired by Twitter; Reza Malekzadeh explains their journey in this blogpost.

About the founders/CEO:

Pierre-Jean Camillieri is the Co-Founder and CTO. He is a tech entrepreneur and experienced software engineer who leads the design, architecture, and implementation of Aiden’s system. Passionate about Natural Language Processing and virtual assistants, PJ has previously been working for more than 5 years to bring them to life - both on Siri at Apple, where he worked for 8 years, and through Timista, a startup he founded in 2013.

Marie Outtier is the Co-Founder and CEO. Marie has a proven executive management track record and over 10 years of experience driving sales growth in the marketing industry. Prior to founding Aiden.ai, Marie worked in international sales and digital advertising performance management at venture backed-startups and top 5 global media agencies. Her long-term vision of empowering humans with virtual assistants led to the creation of Aiden, an AI powered virtual colleague that simplifies decision-making on marketing campaigns. Marie holds a M.A. from KEDGE Business School.
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