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Alkemics connects brands and retailers to help them market & sell their products everywhere, driving business growth, by allowing them to collect, enrich, and share product data across the retail ecosystem. Their platform streamlines the management of digital product content (i.e. packaging, ingredients, visuals, promotions, rich media), extracts structured metadata for optimal quality and usability, and automates delivery to retail partners and third-party service providers.

Their solutions include simplifying communication with retailers and streamlining the process of sharing product data, centralizing all of your content on a single platform, connecting your product data to each consumer touchpoint, automating your data sharing process and standardizing its management as well as enabling easy collaboration with suppliers. 

Alkemics was acquired by Salsify Inc. in May 2021.

About the founders/CEO:

Alkemics’ three founders are Antoine Durieux (CEO), an expert in statistics and Artificial Intelligence (Polytechnique and Stanford), Antoine Perrin (CTO), a specialist in the design of innovative and complex IT infrastructure (Polytechnique and ParisTech), and Benoît Portoleau-Balloy (COO), formerly at Criteo, Kelkoo, Yahoo!, a specialist in e-commerce and digital. 

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