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ARI is building next generation radar systems with a brain for ADAS and autonomous robotics. Machine learning on radar returns enables them to identify and track objects (analogous to computer vision but with depth perception), and understand objects' relative position and velocity. Their technology can also be used for robots to localize (know where they are relative to other objects or on a map).

Led by industry veterans, they are a full-stack team of radio engineers, physicists, and data scientists building autonomy-enabling next generation radar systems in the heart of Silicon Valley. 

To see their SW tracking objects in both the vision and radar domains, please follow the links below:

About the founders/CEO:

Victor Shtrom is the Founder and CEO at ARI. He is a serial entrepreneur who, prior to ARI, has founded two other start-ups. Firstly, a WiFi company, Ruckus Wireless NYSE:RKUS, and secondly, a machine learning vision company, cogniac.co.

Victor is an expert in his field, in both the technological side and the management side, having experienced and helped lead company growth from 2 to over 1000 employees and an IPO prior to founding ARI.

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