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Aumio is the ultimate sleep and mindfulness app for children, helping them to grow up healthy, self-confident and less stressed. Hours of mindful stories and playful exercises are available on the app in the form of meditations, audio games, yoga exercises, and bedtime stories as well. Weekly updates and parenting advice are also provided. The child-friendly app is already enjoyed by more than 200,000 families in the DACH region.  

Aumio offers tailored content for schools and more than 900 teachers are already incorporating it into their lessons. Content is currently offered in German, English and Ukrainian with plans for a fourth language to be added soon. 

The founders met in Silicon Valley and developed the Aumio app together with psychologists and tech experts at Freie Universität Berlin. Supported by leading German health insurance companies like Allianz, TK, and KKH, Aumio's vision is to become the first global mental health platform for the entire family in the next five years. 

About the founders/CEO:

Tilman Wiewinner, Jean Ochel, Felix Noller and Simon Senkl are the founders of Aumio. 

Tilman Wiewinner has a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from the Hamburg University of Technology, with semesters spent abroad at the Istanbul Technical University and Universidade de São Paulo. He then attended HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management where he completed an Executive Entrepreneurship Program. Before founding Aumio he spent three years working for Startup Genome, world-leading innovation policy advisory and research firm, in San Francisco.  

Jean Ochel has a Bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Potsdam, after which he went on to earn a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from the Freie Universität Berlin. His studies focused on mindfulness, ADHD, and digital mental health. During his time at the Freie Universität Berlin he spent time working as a research assistant in the department of cognitive neuroscience. He also has experience in product management. 

Felix Noller has a Bachelor’s degree in engineering from the Technische Universität Berlin. After this he completed an Industrial Design Intensive at Umeå University in Sweden. He then went on to complete a Master’s in Human Factors, an interdisciplinary master’s program that combines psychology, engineering and ergonomics, at the Technische Universität Berlin. He has rich experience in design especially UX design, interaction design and strategic design, also working at Startup Genome in San Francisco.  

Simon Senkl has a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering and Management from the Technische Universität Berlin where he spent time studying abroad at UC San Diego. He continued his studies at Technische Universität Berlin where he went on to complete a Master’s in Engineering and Industrial Management. 
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