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Dahmakan, which means “have you eaten?” in Malay, offers fresh and healthy meals produced daily in their own kitchens by the best chefs. Every day, customers can choose among a selection of 30 items including 8 main dishes, several appetizers, sides, and snacks to be delivered to their door. The 8 main courses change daily. Dahmakan puts a focus on healthy eating in contrast to the typical junk food orders that others in the food delivery market offer through their marketplace of restaurants.

Dahmakan has introduced ‘satellite’ hubs already in Kuala Lumpar that allows it to serve customers located in different parts of the city more efficiently and faster than other Food Delivery services out there.

About the founders/CEO:

Jonathan Weins is Co-Founder and CEO. Jonathan started his career in investment banking in Germany (Deutsche Bank, Leonardo & Co) and management consulting (McKinsey). He then moved to Hong Kong where he launched Foodpanda. He was named a Forbes 30 under 30. Jonathan graduated from the Universiteit of Maastricht, the LSE, and the Hong Kong University of Science & Technology.

Jessica Li is Co-Founder and COO. Jessica started her career as a strategy consultant at PWC. She then helped Jonathan launch Foodpanda in Hong Kong. Jessica graduated from the University College London and holds a master from the University of New South Wales. 

Christian Edelmann is Co-Founder and CTO. Christian started his career at Capgemini where he was a software development project manager. He then co-founded 2 startups before becoming a software Engineer and Product Manager for Allianz X. Christian graduated from the Technische Universität München and also studied at Hong Kong University of Science & Technology.

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