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Digitail is the integrated veterinary management system and customer app bridging the gap between the ever-growing expectations of millennial pet parents and the existing experience currently offered by veterinary professionals. Digitail PIMS is a cloud based, all-in-one practice management system for animal hospitals and veterinary practices, that helps vets simplify their workflow, drive automation, and engage with pet parents, even when they are not at the practice. This helps them save time and focus on the more important aspects of running their business, like customer retention and growth.

Digital Health Card for pets is a customer app that is directly connected to the PIMS and acts as a digital ID for the pets. Pet parents can centralize and view their pet’s medical history, communicate with the vet through the in-app chat, book their next appointment, and store any other important information about their pet.

About the founders/CEO:

Sebastian Gabor (Co-founder & CEO) is a serial entrepreneur and a pet parent. Sebastian holds a Bachelor’s in Business Administration from European University. He is an avid reader, an Ironman finisher, and loves hiking and debating world problems with his friends.

Ruxandra Pui (Co-founder & CPO) is a UX-driven product manager with a technical background. She has built products that people love achieving 9+/10 NPS and negative churns by focusing on simplicity and user experience. She is a problem solver with high attention to detail. Prior to Digitail, she worked with startups across different industries (IT, gaming, food delivery) but also with big corporations such as P&G.

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