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Finantier is a leading Open Finance platform for Southeast Asia. By building the infrastructure layer connecting fintechs with financial institutions and other data sources, Finantier enables the next generation of digital and financial services. Founded in 2020, Finantier works with over 150 companies, giving clients access to a comprehensive range of datasets. After user consent is obtained, these datasets are then analyzed and enriched to provide detailed insights on consumers and businesses. Through their data products, Finantier expands access to financial services for the unbanked and underbanked, accelerating financial inclusion within Indonesia, which the government has identified as a key priority.

About the founders/CEO:

The company is led by fintech veterans with decades of combined experience.

Caroline Chen is CEO. Caroline previously served as Head of Strategy and Operations at Finantier, and brings extensive experience advising entrepreneurs building impactful businesses in emerging markets through her career in investment advisory and investment banking. Caroline studied economics, international relations, and political science at the University of Southern California. 

Keng Low is co-founder and leads engineering. Keng has had a number of experiences in software engineering and venture capital. Keng previously worked in Silicon Valley at the mobile-first event management and ticketing platform, SquadUP as a Software Engineer and Technical Lead, and was an ‘Entrepreneur In Residence’ at East Ventures. He holds a degree from Duke University.  

Edwin Kusuma is co-founder and COO. With a strong background in operations, Edwin began his career at Renren Games in Bejing, where he expanded business to the Indonesian market. He then spent time working at Google, 9F Fintech (Indonesia) and most recently was an executive at the Indonesian P2P lending firms Kredinesia and 360Kredi. Edwin is a graduate of Asia Pacific University (APU) and Staffordshire University.
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