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Mipsology is a groundbreaking startup focused on state-of-the-art acceleration for deep learning inference. Its flagship software platform, Zebra, is the first technology to accelerate the computations of inference for neural networks on FPGA and conceal the hardware to AI users. Mipsology is led by a team of engineers and scientists who spent two decades developing world-leading FPGA-based supercomputers.  The company has twelve patents pending, and is working with a growing ecosystem of silicon, system and distribution partners, including Xilinx, Western Digital, Avnet, E-Elements, Oki, Libertron and others.

Zebra is the ideal Deep Learning computer engine for neural network inference. Zebra seamlessly replaces or complements CPUs/GPUs, allowing any neural network to compute faster, with lower power consumption, at a lower cost. Zebra deploys swiftly, seamlessly and painlessly without the need for knowledge of underlying hardware technology, use of specific compilation tools or changes to the neural network, the training, the framework or the application.

About the founders/CEO:

Mipsology was founded by Ludovic Larzul, Sebastien Delerse and Frederic Dumoulin.

Ludovic Larzul, a graduate of Universite de Nantes, has worked as a telecommunication developer, software developer and R&D Group Director, as well as having co-founded Emulation and Verification Engineering.

Sebastien Delerse is a FPGA specialist with 15 years of experience in designing FPGA-based emulators. He studied engineering at Ecole Française d'Electronique et d'Informatique, and also worked at Emulation and Verification Engineering for 12 years.

Frederic Dumoulin is a low-level software specialist with 19 years of experience in designing device drivers to access FPGA-based systems. Frederic also had a long career with Emulation and Verification Engineering.

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