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Whether they are trying to build an ecommerce marketplace, a simple website, or an online newspaper, developers should focus on what really matters. They don’t want to spend hours thinking about the servers or hosts running their code under the hood (devOps). With Platform.sh all that low level complexity is gone and automatically taken care of.

Platform.sh brings developers a cutting-edge platform with continuous delivery and zero admin chores. Their solution is reputed for delivering agile web development and blazing fast production runtime to enterprises and organisations around the world.

About the founders/CEO:

Frederic Plais is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Platform.sh. Formerly, he ran Commerce Guys for 6 years: the software behind Drupal Commerce that eventually inspired him to create Platform.sh. Additionally, he has worked for SFR Vodafone Groupe as the head of Music, Games and premium content as well as previously being the CEO of the natural language search engine Infoclic for 2 years.

Damien Tournoud is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of Platform.sh. He has worked closely with Frederic (the CEO) for 10 years, cofounding and running Commerce Guys alongside him. Prior to that, he was the director of Drupal practice at AF83, a consultant in IT Strategy at Fontaine Consultants and also a Payment System Expert at Banque de France for 3 years.
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