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Privitar helps organizations use data safely, ethically, and efficiently. The Privitar Modern Data Provisioning Platform is the only solution that empowers customers to give their teams effortless, self-service access to safe data, with collaborative workflows and policy-based controls building data security and privacy into the process. 

Only Privitar has the right combination of technology, regulatory expertise, and best practices to support modern data innovation initiatives while navigating regulations and protecting customer trust.

Founded in 2014, Privitar is headquartered in London, with regional headquarters in Boston and locations throughout the US and Europe.

About the founders/CEO:

Co-founders, Jason du Preez and John Taysom combined John’s academic work on privacy with Jason’s experience of big data and enterprise software to launch Privitar. 

Jason is a serial entrepreneur who brings proven start-up and enterprise software experience to the business. Prior to founding Privitar he held global leadership roles across technology and data management at Thomson Reuters. Before that he co-founded and led the growth of data management software company, m35, up to a successful exit through sale to Thomson. 

John took a Fellowship at Harvard in 2011 to work on privacy issues and holds EU and US patents on a method of improving privacy online. John is a Policy Fellow at the University of Cambridge Centre for Science and Policy and a Visiting Professor, Department of Computer Science, at UCL. Previously, John started the Reuters Venture Capital Fund in Palo Alto in 1995 making 82 investments in internet and web infrastructure and services including Verisign, UltraDNS, Digimarc, ZeroKnowledge and Intertrust.

Both Jason and John are passionate about the benefits of data to society and Privitar’s vision of building a centre of excellence around privacy engineering products.
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