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Sensee is an online-first eye wear brand which sells prescription glasses, sunglasses, and anti blue light lenses. Each frame is designed in Paris and the collections include glasses for men, women and children. The materials that are used to create these glasses are of extreme quality, such as cellulose acetate plates from Mazzuchelli, ultra thin steel sheets or a plastic material injected and tinted in the mass, molded in their workshops in Oyonnax. The materials and hinges used are among the most resistant on the market. Handcrafted, each frame is unique and has benefited from manual quality control.

Sensee also offers a premium range, which is made in France and accessible in terms of price. The glasses are made with great attention of detail, with arms of exclusive and finely worked branches, gilded with fine gold or palladium which highlight the identity of Sensee and the quality of French craftsmanship.

Sensee was acquired by Acuitis in 2020.

About the founders/CEO:

Sensee was founded by French tech entrepreneur Marc Simoncini, one of the pioneers of the French internet with the creation of companies such as iFrance, Meetic, Sensee and the investment fund Jaina Capital, which he started with 100 million euros of his own money.

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