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Ambler raises €1.5 million to optimize medical transportation

On February 7th 2019, Ambler announced a fundraising with us Partech and coinvestors: Idinvest Partners, Kima Ventures- as well as several web-entrepreneurs- to stand as the benchmark of medical transportation in France.

Ambler: the first smart network of medical transporters

Aging populations, the development of chronic diseases and of ambulatory healthcare have provoked a significant increase in medical transportation in France. Today it amounts to €5 billion per year, a market size that exceeds that of taxis and rent vehicles.

Ambler organizes the offer of the best providers (private ambulances and medical transportation operators and approved taxis) in order to meet the demand from healthcare institutions and individuals in a transparent and optimized way.

Hospitals and clinics that use the management and booking platform developed by Ambler find much value in the time saving for the care workers, the smoothness of the patients’ route to care and the budget control.

 Individuals can book their medical transportation in just a few clicks, for free, and in a completely secure manner regarding health data processing. Ambler checks the excellency of the providers by rigorously selecting them for a more serene experience.

The private ambulance companies which partner with Ambler enjoy an oversupply of revenue with a boosted order book. Besides, the algorithms that assigns orders improve the utilization rate of the fleets, the latter being otherwise at an average rate of 45%.

Bearing on its own the extreme complexity of these businesses, Ambler assumes the essential role of a trusted third-party.

Goal: Growth!
With the investments, Ambler is already recruiting engineers to develop its tech platform as well as an operational team to develop its network on the field. 

We constantly meet new transportations companies to increase the capacity of our network, generate significant scale benefits and position our partners on bigger and bigger markets. We offer to the health institutions an exceptional deliverability of transportation requests as well as a thorough cost control. Our approach enables all medical transportation companies, and especially SMBs, to make their way in the current context of regulatory reform”, explains Mehdi Ben Abroug, cofounder and CEO of Ambler.

What we say about Ambler:
"By investing in Ambler, we chose a seasoned team with excellent execution skills. We are proud to support a solution that is more efficient and fairer for the ambulance companies and that brings considerable benefits for the patients themselves” says Alison Imbert, Senior Associate at Partech.

Find out more in the Press release.

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