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Bitrise joins the party!

Another day, another investment. Today, Bitrisethe continuous integration and delivery platform, announced that they raised a $20M Series B round, led by us, Partech. We were joined by new investor Zobito and previous players OpenOcean, Y Combinator, and Fielder Capital.

Bitrise is on a mission to transform the way you build and operate mobile apps. Their platform’s ability to automate stages of the DevOps lifecycle was just something we had to get involved with. They provide all mobile teams with a single place to operate and build world-class mobile applications.

“Bitrise addresses a problem nobody else quite managed to tackle before,“ General Partner Reza Malekzadeh explained, “They allow businesses to capture the immense value represented by doing mobile ‘right’ while empowering developers to spend their time doing impactful work. We’re happy to play a role in accelerating their evolution to a full mobile DevOps platform and I’m excited by the tremendous opportunity this represents both for Bitrise as well as the countless app developers they’ll help along the way.”

With the new funds, Bitrise is ramping up the hiring in their US, UK and Hungarian offices and looking to double the number of supported integrations to 400 by the end of the year. With their clear, ambitious vision and a growing number of developers trusting the platform, Bitrise future's looking bright!

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