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Cake Break with Elena Moneta

Elena joined the Venture team as principal in 2022. She is based in Paris.

1. What’s your favourite thing about working in VC?

Lots of elements make this job really special to me. Firstly, the energy you get from founders. As a VC, you're lucky to be surrounded by incredibly smart, brave and ambitious entrepreneurs who share contagious enthusiasm about their mission. Secondly, I love to always be learning - whether it is about new technologies or business models, there is a constant intellectual challenge. Thirdly, making a positive difference. It is humbling to back start-ups re-imagining the world as we know it and to be part of their journey as they leave a positive mark.

2. What advice would you give to women wanting to break into VC?

I would give them the same advice I would give anyone wanting to break into VC.

  •  Discover what you are passionate about within the VC space and go all in. Don't hold back on geeking out on topics you love (and none of your friends want to talk about!). Genuine enthusiasm and expertise will make you stand out. 
  •  Keep an independent mind. Some of the most successful investments in VC were also the most controversial ones, so don't be afraid to be a contrarian.
  •  Build relationships in the VC and start-up community early on. Your network is very important, so nurturing it early (as it takes time to build) will likely increase your chances of breaking into VC.

3. You’re fluent in Italian, English, German and French. What do you enjoy most about learning languages?

Growing up I've had to frequently move to foreign countries, and back then learning the local language was probably more a matter of survival among kids at school than an enjoyable experience :) Today however, I feel lucky to have had those experiences, as I believe that speaking someone's language allows me to build strong bonds faster and to pick up some of the nuances from the local culture.

4. What’s your favorite snack to grab from the Partech kitchen?

The strawberries of course!

Thank you Elena!

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